Antivirus Software Price Comparison 2014

Today, protecting your computer from external threats is not just important, it's necessary. You need an antivirus software. Compare our top-rated antivirus software providers below and choose the best antivirus software for your security needs. The rankings below are based on our opinions. We are able to offer you this comparison tool for free thanks to referral fees we may receive from certain companies on this site.

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Antivirus Software Pricing

The price of antivirus software is something that you will want to consider when choosing a product. It is possible to pick up a simple package for free, but if you take your security seriously it will be necessary to invest a bit of money. There is a wide variation in the prices charged for different packages. It important to understand what is being offered so that you can determine value for money.

Types of Antivirus Software

  • Free antivirus software is often a stripped down version of a paid package. The object is to allow you to try the basic features before you commit to handing over your money. The fact that this is a stripped down version means that there will be less protection and reduced functionality – you are also likely to be regally bugged by advertisements reminding you of the full version.
  • The most basic antivirus software that you pay is designed for personal use, and you may only be allowed to use it on one computer. The software is designed to be used for 12 months, so you will need to pay again next year in order to extend your protection.
  • A professional package will have additional features such as browser protection and added security features to prevent identify theft.
  • A multiple PC package will allow you to have the antivirus on more than one computer without having to pay extra. There will usually be a limit on the number of computers on which you can share the antivirus software.
  • Business Edition packages are specifically designed to keep company and customer data secure. This antivirus software will usually cover all the computers used by the business, but it will be centrally controlled on one computer. The customer care for this type of product tends to highly responsive because any problems would mean that the business might lose money.
  • Most paid packages will also have the option for a two year license, and this will work out cheaper than buying two one year licenses.

How Much Money Should You Pay for Antivirus Software?

The amount of money that you need to pay for antivirus software will depend on your exact requirements. Here are a few things that you may want to consider:

  • A good free antivirus software package will offer you some protection, but this option is probably best for people who only go online occasionally. With many of these options the goal is to get you to buy the paid version, and the regularly reminders for you to do this can become annoying.
  • It is worth considering the extra features offered by the paid packages because they can make the purchase better value for money. Of course, if you are not going to use these extra features they won’t be worth paying extra for.
  • With most of these programs, you are not really buying the software because you will need to pay again after a period of time in order to continue with the protection.
  • It is usually more cost effective to purchase a two year license rather than a one year license.
  • If you have more than one computer, it will probably be more cost effective to look for a package that you can put on all of your machines without paying extra.
  • Some of these packages will automatically debit your credit card every twelve months, and you will need to unsubscribe in advance to prevent this from happening.
  • It may be worth paying a bit more money for antivirus protection from one of the more well-known brands. The fact that this company already has a good reputation should mean that they can be trusted.
  • If you are using computers in your business, it is going to be safer to choose a package that has been designed for this purpose. One of the nice advantages of business edition antivirus protection is that you can usually expect a rapid response from customer service should any problems arise.