The Top 10 Internet Security Suites of 2015

Most people think that Antivirus software only includes virus protection for your computer. But, to keep your computer safe and devoid of any security threats you need a full line of defenses. This includes a full internet security suite. This kind of software combines regular antivirus protection with browser and network security. These are used to protect your computer against attacks over the Internet. In this growing Internet age, these threats are even more dangerous than regular virus threats. See below for the best Internet Security Suites.

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How do I choose the best antivirus software for me?
Choosing an antivirus can be tough. The first step is to find out what programs are available for your specific operating system, then determine your usage patterns. Someone who uses a computer for web surfing will require a different antivirus than someone who plays games heavily. For example, the gamer would require a program that was less intensive in order to free up more processing power than the web surfer would require.
Do I really need antivirus software?
Some people fancy themselves to be tech savvy enough to avoid viruses and choose not to use it. However, this can be risky. Even the most aware web surfers can sometimes run across programs they weren't prepared for, and these programs can severely damage their computers and operating systems. Many viruses can implant themselves without a user knowing, especially if they embed themselves into a commonly used file. As a result, antivirus software is very important to use, even if you think you don't need it. If you don't feel like purchasing an antivirus program, there are free alternatives available.
How do antivirus scanners work?
Antivirus scanners work by monitoring the programs and files you use. There are two primary methods: on-access scanning and full system scans. On-access scanning works by immediately scanning a file before you open it, alerting you to any potential threats to your computer. A full system scan searches every file in your computer for potential threats that may be hidden within layers of folders or files. Both are important; on-access scanning works in the background, but a full system scan should be performed at least once per week, especially for heavy users.
How do the antivirus companies differ?
Antivirus companies provide programs that perform the same tasks, but the programs themselves differ in regards of their databases. Antivirus programs know what viruses to look for because they can match the 'symptoms' of the virus the trace it leaves in your system to what it has on record. One company may update their database more often than another.
Why should I pay for antivirus software when I can simply download a free version?
While there are plenty of free antivirus programs that will protect your computer, the paid versions often offer a myriad of additional features to make everyday usage easier. These features can include everything from a high-powered spam filter for your email to enhanced active scanning; in some cases, paid versions have more advanced detection algorithms to pick up viruses the free version may miss.
Will antivirus programs slow my computer down?
The answer is yes and no. While an antivirus program may slow the computer down while it is performing a scan, the majority are optimized to use the minimum processing power required. However, each antivirus program is different, so the overall slowdown effect varies from company to company. Cloud-based antivirus programs will have less of an overall effect on a computer's processing power.
I have a Mac, do I need an antivirus?
While Macs are more safely protected from viruses than Windows computers, they are still at risk. While it isn't very likely a Mac will become infected, an antivirus program CAN be beneficial but it isn't an absolute requirement. However, if you intend to use a Mac to do potentially risky work on the web, it can be a good idea to invest in an antivirus program just in case.
What is the most effective antivirus package for a Windows 7 operating systems?
There's no way to define the single most effective antivirus tool for Windows 7. However, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is one of the highest rated on a consistent basis for striking a good balance between price, power, and ease of use. Keep in mind that the right program varies between users.
What is a firewall?
A firewall is a layer of protection between your computer and the internet that works to screen out potentially malicious software and hackers. A computer without a firewall is akin to a ship sailing into the ocean with a cracked hull and it's the easiest way to ensure a system becomes infected with dangerous files.
What is a Trojan virus?
A Trojan is a virus that works by allowing access to files and systems you would otherwise not allow access to. Much like the Trojan Horse of legend, a Trojan virus piggybacks into your system from other, benign software. However, they are unable to self-replicate, unlike other types of viruses.

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A veritable industry titan, McAfee proves its prestige is well deserved.
A top contender by any metric; the antivirus component is particularly acclaimed.
BullGuard offers an appealing. array of components, including an excellent backup system.
BitDefender’s exhaustive array of security features is matched only by its remarkable reliability.
Norton’s formidable name recognition is firmly backed up by its all-inclusive, high-performance suite.
Minimizes threats with less of an impact on your computer's performance
Impeccably effective, with Particularly strong antivirus and anti-phishing components.
As trustworthy as it is impressively feature-rich.
Pareto offers solid protection and a straightforward interface at a reasonable price.
ZoneAlarm once again shows why it has attracted millions of customers, including many Fortune 500 companies.
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Threats to your computer can come in all shapes and size and can come from all different angles. By far the most common way that viruses make their way onto your devices is through connection to the internet. Being online is fantastic, but you need to make sure that you can enjoy it safely and securely. Internet Security Suites combine a collection of protective software to afford you the safeguards that you need. From chat rooms and instant messaging to music downloads and movie streaming – internet security is an essential tool in your arsenal to keeping yourself and your family safe online.

Internet security is an active type of protection, which permanently runs in the background of your system. The software scans all incoming data to your computer or mobile device, whether that’s an e-mail coming from a work colleague or an image you’re downloading. Viruses can come from nowhere and internet security makes sure that there’s always a barrier to entry. Scanning, quarantining and removing any potential threats – internet security is just the online version of traditional antivirus software.

Aside from computer viruses, which most of us are familiar with, there are a lot of online-specific threats that internet security protects us against. One of them is Spyware, which roots itself into your computer and records data about your preferences and habits. This is then sent to an individual or company and often leads to another threat – Adware. Adware is a less malicious but more irritating feature, which continually bombards you with often-unavoidable advertisements and pop-ups.

Keyloggers are one of the more formidable threats. These lie dormant in your system and record everything you type on your keyboard. Including your personal details, private message, bank account numbers and more.

A lot of people believe that computer viruses only come from their kids downloading illegal music or movies – but that’s not true. You only have to open an internet browser to find yourself at risk, hackers and criminals are getting more inventive by the day. Answering your e-mails and checking the news can be all you need to do to find yourself under attack. If you use the internet in any way, shape or form – you need to protect yourself.

Internet security has come a long way in a short time. Along with providing all of the standard protection that you’d expect from traditional antivirus software – it has a few important differences. You’re going to be protected against a wider range of malware, including spyware and adware, along with being able to detect threats in real-time. Your e-mails are going to be scanned and checked before you open them and you’re also going to get a little more protection from that annoying spam.

Most internet security suites come with a firewall that can be customized to block certain incoming and outgoing traffic – much like the parental controls that are often available. You can block entire websites from being accessed and you can protect your children whilst they use social media and instant messaging. Internet security is advancing as fast as the hackers are writing viruses – so as long as you keep up-to-date; you’re going to be safe online.