Protect Mobile Surfing with Enhanced Cell Phone Security

Internet browsing today has transcended the desktop computer. With the ease of connection our mobile devices provide, we can browse the web from anywhere at any time. It is easy to check smartphones for news, e-mail, and even sensitive information such as your bank account and data that is not meant for sharing. However, many times mobile security is discounted with people incorrectly assuming that simply keeping phones from being stolen is enough to protect the information contained. A reduced focus on security makes it easier for malicious individuals to access sensitive information remotely and can cause serious harm. It is just as crucial to keep your mobile device security on the cutting edge, and always ensure that the antivirus tools you are using are the best for you. The articles below can help you make the most informed decision for your security needs.

The Best Android Antivirus Software

Many people believe that Android devices don’t need anti-virus software. In some ways, they are correct; these devices are not at risk from traditional computer viruses because they are designed in a different way.

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The Dangers of Unsecured Wi-Fi Hot Spots

The Dangers of Unsecured Wi-Fi Hot Spots

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Public hot spots are as American as apple pie, right, so what could be bad about using them? It’s not stealing; it’s not harming anyone else; it’s not even indecent. Unfortunately, these are all false claims when it comes to free Wi-Fi because anybody can easily piggyback onto the network and retrieve some juicy data packets straight off of your computer. In short, if you think unsecured hotspots are harmless, you are buying into one of the many security myths that can harm you and your software.

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Top 5 Antivirus Software Sites

The Importance of Mobile Security

In this ever-changing technological landscape, browsing is moving over to mobile technologies more and more every day. As we increasingly share more information over mobile browsers and cell phones, the possibilities for attacks and phishing attempts become broader. It is crucial not to disregard mobile device security in the search for convenience. As we use our bank accounts, credit card information, and other sensitive data, we may become careless in how we share this information. Top 10 Antivirus Software can help guide you in how to protect your mobile devices and take the proper step to make sure your cell phone security is as robust as possible, both for your personal and professional browsing needs.

Mobile Security for Your Personal Browsing

Cell phone security is an integral part of protecting home browsing against vulnerabilities. More and more, we use our mobile devices for things that used to be our home computers’ domain —online shopping, sending e-mails, checking our bank accounts, and sharing videos and photos have all been made simpler by mobile technology. However, all of these activities carry security risks. Phishing attempts and malware are designed to take information about our bank accounts, credit cards, and sensitive information. Security is essential to ensure our information is safe on mobile devices and not exposed. Top 10 Antivirus Software’s comprehensive home security guides can help protect your browsing, both at home and on your mobile device.

Protect your Small Business with our Mobile Device Security Advice

Small business owners are constantly on the go. Operating a business through a mobile device is essential to running a successful company smoothly. Having sensitive data on a mobile device can be a risky proposition, and it is important to remember that you must protect your business from external threats. Our up-to-date news database helps you stay one step ahead of any attack, and our guides for small businesses will help you protect your business and ensure your platforms are safe so you can focus on business.