Tips to Improve Small Business Internet Security Measures

With technology evolving and creating new online opportunities, small businesses benefit greatly from having a presence on the internet. In this new landscape, however, internet security must always be a top priority for any company looking to create a presence on the web. It can be difficult to know where to start, with threats seemingly everywhere. Whether working from home or an office, every small business owner must consider the company’s safety and take the steps to ensure that nothing can affect operational abilities. Our guides for internet security for small businesses and our home office security tips are designed to give small business owners the edge they need to protect companies and assure a problem-free environment to continue to grow and develop.

McAfee Antivirus For Small Business Security

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The beginning of the end for one small US online retailer started with an email and a link to what one employee thought was a catalog. One click later and the company came under attack with malware that ravaged their software and stole clients’ credit card and social security details.

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Antivirus Software Features

Due to the recently increased cybercrime, most people are keen to protect their computers from any malware and subsequent cyber security threats. The most effectual tool to secure your computer from any of these cyber attacks is antivirus software.

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3 Security Measures For Windows 8

3 Security Measures For Windows 8

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When Microsoft first introduced Windows 8 back in 2012, the reception was, well, let’s call it lukewarm. Many an experienced user found the operating system’s tablet-style tiled interface confusing or just plain off-putting. Consequently, Windows 8 took a pretty bad beating from customers and critics alike.

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How Encryption Works

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Giving over your personal information can be scary for many people, and rightfully so. With the prevalence of identity theft, hackers and general technological errors, there is plenty of room for concern. So, how can...

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Top 5 Antivirus Software Sites

Give Yourself an Edge With Small Business Internet Security

As a small business owner, you must always be aware of all the small and large decisions needed to keep your company running. Our expert security advice and how-to guides can take you through the process of creating a robust firewall and setting up protections both for your office and for your company’s online browsing needs. Make sure you are not affected by business outages and financial attacks and use the best tips for your small business’ internet security.

Keep up to date with the best tips and advice on Internet Security for Business

Part of being prepared for any potential threat is being aware that threats are out there. A good small business owner will always be proactive in considering ways to prevent cyberattacks from occurring instead of reacting to threats. Our up-to-date news database is intended to share the most recent information on potential threats and viruses that can affect your company. Learn about threats and find the best ways to deal with them.

Home Office Security Tips to Improve your Safety

Small businesses must be agile and that means sometimes work will be done from your home computer. While this is a great way to save money and improve your performance, it can create risks for both your home browsing and your company. You should always make sure that your home is safe from cyberattacks and your company’s sensitive information is safeguarded. When you work from home, you should always make sure all your online interactions are safe. Use our home office security tips to ensure your browsing from home is as safe as possible.

Small Business Internet Security for Mobile Devices

If you are constantly on the go with your small business, your mobile device is your connection to the world. If you use your mobile device to run your business you should make sure it has the same level of protection as your computer. Mobile users must be aware and prepared to deal with external threats that could acquire highly sensitive information from your device. Protect yourself and learn the best tips to protect your mobile device.