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Benefits of Using an Antivirus

Today almost everything we do is on a computer. And with so many recent news stories detailing the fallout of cybercrime, more and more people are becoming interested in virus protection. An antivirus helps keep your PC and other devices safe, weather you go online or just stay offline. There are several options to protect yourself, especially in regards to malicious software, or malware.

What Is Malware?

Simply put, malware is any malicious software that is specifically designed to breach your identity, steal your information or otherwise gain access to private details. Along with spyware, these programs do great harm to your computer. They can range from relatively benign (such as tools to track your browsing history for advertising) to moderate (giving an outside user control of your computer) to severe (stealing money from your online bank accounts). Often times malware will remain undetected by hiding itself or simply not making its presence known.

Types of Malware

There are several types of malware that can infect your computer. The most common types that you need to be aware of include viruses that can infected downloaded files, worms and Trojan horses, which disguises itself as a legitimate software.

Benefits of Using Malware Protection

Simply avoiding shady sites isn't enough for virus and malware protection. To help you stay protected, malware and spyware can be inserted onto websites that are usually trustworthy. A malware protector can take a lot of anxiety out of downloading and running programs. It will quickly recognize and block download anything suspicious.

Antimalware downloads usually contain software that checks for the behaviors of malware in general, and not only specific viruses. Some of the best malware protection tools will alert you if there is suspicious activity going on but no specific virus is detected.

While it’s not exactly the same, a good malware protector will also block annoying adware. It's debated whether adware is really malware, but a lot of legal software contains adware. Essentially, it gives the program creators money for showing ads to you at sometimes inconvenient times.

How to Avoid Malware

The best way to avoid malware is to only open emails, attachments, messages and files from senders you are 100% certain can be trusted. If you are unsure if a source can be trusted, simply delete the file without opening. If you need to transfer files outside your device, only use well known sources.

Malware tends to infiltrate your system through existing openings, so be sure that your software is always updated.


Anti-malware downloads may seem like an unnecessary hassle to the average user. After all, if your computer is running well, do you really need to take the time to find the best antivirus software program for you?

The truth is, all it takes is one bad website or program to invade your computer and steal all your personal files and login information. Armed with this power, the malware creator could drain your bank accounts and break into other important accounts you have. The best antivirus software program can make the possibility of this happening far more remote.

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