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Reason Core Security is a relatively new software in the antivirus industry, only coming out a few years ago, and has staunch competition with bigger names such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and McAfee. Generally meant to run alongside your current Antivirus, Reason Core Security makes the claim of finding and removing all types of threats to your computer’s security. In reality, the software successfully fights against trojans, adware, spyware, worms, bots, PUPs, and other threats, even ones that your other antivirus may have missed. For having such a short time on the antivirus scene, Reason has done an excellent job of bolstering a large user and fan base through delivering a solid product that works well.

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Reason Core Security


  • Features: Removes malware, adware, etc., IoT (Internet of Things) scanner

  • Ease of Use: Easiest for users

  • Reliability: Average

  • Value: Above average value for money

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 14-day trial

Best For

  • People on a budget or not looking to spend a lot on their antivirus software

  • People who regularly download applications or programs

  • Families or individuals who want to connect multiple devices

  • Non-tech savvy users

Pros and Cons



- IoT device scanning

- Blocks bundled installations without approval

- Up to 5 devices per subscription

- Free device scanning

- No anti phishing

- Flags competitor antivirus software as malicious

Why Choose Reason Core Security

An inexpensive alternative to bulkier antivirus software, Reason Core Security is a lightweight and affordable option for anyone who wants to keep their devices protected against malware and other threats. Reason Core Security Antivirus uses a variety of methods for detecting threats including behavioral analysis, heuristics, signatures, and machine learning. The software also comes with several activity tracking tools, remediation tool, task managers, an uninstaller, startup manager, and browser addon manager.

Additionally, Reason Core Security offers a 14-day free trial during which you can access all of the features available. What’s more, this company is straightforward about its offer, switching users to a free Antivirus account once the trial is finished (rather than switching them to a full-paid account and charging a monthly fee to users who might have lost track of the trial time).

What Reason Core Security Offers

  • Fully-automated real-time cloud scanning

  • Entire network scanner for all smart devices

  • Bundle protection

  • Activity tracker

With multiple layers of protection, including real-time detection, continuous or manual scanning, and malware removal, Reason Core Security keeps devices safe and secure at all times. And because the software is cloud-based, users don’t have to worry about updates or newer editions rendering their current model obsolete. Cloud-based software offers the added bonus of keeping your device protected even between upgrades, so there’s no lag that some downloadable software has.

Smart devices, such as garage door openers, biometric locks, and thermostats pose a new kind of problem for antivirus software. Most software doesn’t recognize the hardware as a device that requires protection, but viruses and hackers can still attack these contact points. Basically, if the device isn’t recognizable, the antivirus can’t protect it from malware. The Reason Core Security antivirus takes protection to a new level by detecting and listing smart devices via an IoT scanner. Once the software detects a device, it can flag any security issues that the device might have. While still in its fledgling stages, this is a real game-changer for antivirus protection.

Bundle protection ensures that nothing is getting past your antivirus without being noticed. Usually, when we download something, it comes together with some hidden materials bundled into the software. Often these items are innocuous, but many times the bundled material can be harmful or annoying to have on your computer. Bundle protection won’t let the unwanted files or programs be installed on your device, giving the green light instead only to the desired download.

The activity tracker shows you what is running on your device at any given time, along with how much memory and CPU space each program is using. This tool also grades threat levels for individual applications on both an individual and network level.

Reason Core Security’s startup manager is highly customizable, more so than just about any product out there. The software allows you to tailor which programs get launched at startup. One word of caution when using this feature; Reason lets users disable core components like context menu handlers and credential provider filters. Unless you are extremely knowledgeable in these areas, avoid dabbling with these components or you risk seriously disturbing your device’s functionality.



Standard Protection

Complete Protection







Value for Money

Reason Core Security Antivirus comes at a highly competitive price. The list price is around $45, but the company is always running sales so you only end up paying less than $25 per year for 5 accounts. When you consider the competition charges anywhere from $35 upwards for a single account, this is a tremendous savings.

Package Features

Reason Core Security offers 2 packages: Standard Protection and Complete Protection. What’s interesting is that this company does the opposite of what other antivirus software does with its pricing tiers. Unlike the competition, scanning and detection are free, while you’ll need to pay to have issues removed. Other Antiviruses make you pay for the scan and then remove the threats free of charge. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, unless you like to have more control. If that’s the case, then Reason Core Security’s pricing model is better for you because you get to see what threats are on your device for free and then decide for yourself how to handle them.

The Standard Protection package offers real time protection for free. This includes malware, adware, browser, and bundle protection. The software will detect threats, keep browsing safe, and stop bundled programs from being downloaded and launched. That is objectively a lot for a free account.

The other package is the Complete Protection, and as the name implies, it offers you complete protection from all of these threats. In addition to scanning and detection, this more advanced plan will also remove malware, trojans, and more to keep your devices clean.

Ease of Use

Reason Core Security Scan

Reason Core Security antivirus software is simple to use for anyone, even non-technical people. Installation is fast and it doesn’t require you to reboot, which is an added bonus. This software is compatible with other Antiviruses and is meant to be run concomitantly. The website design is clean and uncluttered, so you won’t be overwhelmed or confused by several cues or options. In fact, other than a few navigation menus, the homescreen has nothing but a big blue button with the obvious command of Scan and it can be done in under a minute. When scans are completed, the details will appear on the screen with prompts for what to do next and how to handle any issues. The nicest part of this software is that it runs imperceptibly in the background, so it won’t slow you down or interrupt your work/game flow.

Reason Core Security is OPSWAT certified in the anti-malware category. This means that the software meets the highest standards of detection excellence and is compatible with all of the latest networks and technology solutions for a smoother and more reliable experience.

Detection Rates and Reliability

Reason Core Security has high detection rates, choosing to flag items of questionable origins rather than skip over them. This is useful because it keeps your security levels high, but it will flag competitor antivirus software, so be aware of this.

As mentioned in its mission statement, Reason Core Security antivirus frequently catches threats that other antiviruses miss completely. While it primarily focuses heavily on PUPs detection (potentially unwanted programs), users generally note that the software blocks other types of threats as well. During testing, Reason did an excellent job of this, along with stopping more cloaked spyware and adware.

Help and Support

The Reason Core Security customer support staff can be reached via telephone or email. Additionally, Reason Core Security has a dedicated page just for reporting false positives. This is a reassuring sign that tells its customers that Reason takes detection seriously.

Users can also take advantage of the in-depth technical support section. This area of the website is an incredibly detailed FAQ section that has all of your questions and possible troubleshooting scenarios categorized by topics for faster problem-solving. Reason Core Security also has a community forum that customers can use to speak to one another about issues they might have with the software or problems that are easily fixed.

Bottom Line

Reason Core Security is a strong and resilient antivirus option that works effectively to catch even the most subtle threats to your private data and security. Its free account puts the power back into the hands of the consumer by keeping them informed, and the affordable price tag on the Complete Protection package makes antivirus protection available to everyone. Easy to use, intuitive design, and comprehensive software makes Reason Core Security an obvious choice for device owners that want to keep their personal space running smoothly and threat-free.

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About Reason Core Security

Located in New York, Reason Core Security was developed by Reason Software in 2012 and currently helps to protect millions of devices around the world. Reason takes a unique approach to antivirus protection, incorporating big data analytics and cloud computing for faster, smarter, and more accurate results. This small but ambitious company has been featured in several prominent publications including PCWorld, the Discovery Channel, USA Today, and CNET, highlighting Reason Core Security’s expertise and success at getting the job done.


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