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Technology has allowed companies and individuals to optimize and evolve the way they do business and explore the world around them. From improving the way we buy things to making running a business simpler, the internet and web technology has allowed us to radically change the business processes.

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These drastic changes however, don’t come without risk. Migrating businesses to have a greater presence online means that more of our information is exposed to malicious or nefarious parties. Individuals and companies today are at a greater risk of cybercrime than ever before. Identity theft, corporate fraud, phishing, and hacking leave both individuals and companies vulnerable to malware, ransomware and much more. 

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Financial fraud in this digital world can take many shapes. Its perpetrators can range from anonymous users who track your information and steal your identity to employees at a company. Threats to online security are difficult to track if users and organizations are not careful. More than ever, it has become extremely important to be conscious about our behavior patterns online and with whom we share our information. 

For companies and organizations, security concerns can come from both within and without. Organizations both big and small face dangers from employees who believe they can embezzle, steal, or defraud because of inconsistencies and holes in their corporate security systems. Online and cloud-based management systems are extremely effective for companies to optimize their businesses and minimize costs, but they must be accompanied by robust and efficient security systems. Otherwise, these applications and systems are vulnerable and open anything from accounting suites, to payroll systems, to even CEO or manager accounts in a company. 

Security should always be a top priority, and users should always strive to ensure that their data and personal information is always safe when browsing, buying, or simply interacting on the web; Companies should likewise make sure that all of their online interactions are protected. A great and easy way to protect vital data is to use anti-virus software. Once installed, this software can not only secure against computer viruses, but also create strong firewalls, protect sensitive information, and detect malware and foreign users in a computer network or system.

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