PC Grinding to a Halt? You Need This Now

Tired of waiting for your PC to boot up?

Here’s how you can improve its processing speed with just a few simple clicks.

If you think your PC is on its last legs, you may be wrong. There might still be something you can do to bring it back to optimum performance. What’s more, it’ll cost you a lot less than buying a replacement.

Fix speed issues the TotalAV​ way

Sometimes your PC isn’t the problem. It’s what you’ve done with your PC that slows you down.

Duplicate and other unnecessary files on your system considerably increase your PC’s workload, because it has to spend more time looking for the information it needs to boot up or run your favorite applications. And, if you’ve surfed the internet unprotected, you may have unwittingly downloaded viruses and malware. These disrupt your PC’s processes, slowing it down even further.

That’s where TotalAV​ comes in

TotalAV’s performance tools remove duplicate and junk files from your system, freeing up your PC’s memory and improving processing speed. Your PC’s performance can improve by as much as 77% after a scan.

So why throw it out when you can make it as good as new in just a few clicks, right?

But TotalAV does more than enhance your PC’s performance. It also keeps you protected against all kinds of internet nasties - viruses, malware, spyware, and even hackers and identity thieves. That way, you can surf the internet as much as you like, all while safe in the knowledge that your PC - and your sensitive data - are shielded from prying eyes.

Now, you might be saying, at $49 for twelve months, TotalAV isn’t exactly cheap.

Well, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new PC, isn’t it?

Besides, right now TotalAV are offering 50% off the normal price. This, plus their 30-day money back guarantee, means taking TotalAV out for a spin is completely risk-free.

Ready to give your PC a new lease of life?

Head over to TotalAV’s website and find out what it can do for your PC today.

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